“Celebrating Wisdom” – Induction Day @ IPERUG

“Celebrating Wisdom” – Induction Day @ IPERUG

Literally stepping out of schools to colleges – pertinent in the transition cycle. We stood geared up to welcome our ‘new starters’ on the Induction Day held on 4th August 2015. Themed as ‘Celebrating Wisdom’ -the day offered a window to peep into the future and set a dream for a career ahead.

Welcoming the students, Dr. A S Khalsa – Group Director shared his thoughts on the importance of this landmark day for any student starting his college. “One should enter this new world with a theme and the theme today is celebrating wisdom. We focus on wisdom and let this be the guiding force on how to take care of yourself for the rest of your life“, he said.

Shri K J Rawtani, Chairman – Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti in his inaugural address emphasized on the mission and motive of IPER. “We aim at the overall development of the student and to some extent we have been successfully doing it, but we need to do a lot more “, he said. He felt that good efforts are needed from a students end too. Speaking to students, he stated,  “These 3 years are very crucial because it is going to make your future. Therefore, identify your best-fit career goal  by Exploring & Interacting. Then you need to work towards it and stay Committed throughout the process till you make it.

Shri R K Sadhwani, Secretary – Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti shared the mantra of success in his inaugural address. “The right combination of fun and seriousness…. makes life meaningful“, he said.  “At this tender age, not all have a clear-cut goal for life. It’s still forming, keeps changing. However, one can always go for an easy goal that is ‘dreaming of making it big someday’“.

Throughout the day, students experienced a variety of lessons, as well as meeting their subject faculties and finding out key information. We believe students had a fantastic start to the next stage of the learning journey!

Few moments of the day capture via lenses,

Celebrating wisdom at IPER Bhopal

Dance at IPER Bhopal

View complete induction day itinerary here

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