Various Opportunities after Doing B.Com

Various Opportunities after Doing B.Com

A degree in B.Com can help you take one step ahead towards careers in Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretaryship (CS), and Cost and Work Accountancy (ICWA). Today, risk management and disaster management are upcoming fields for students who have graduated in commerce. Students with the background in economics and commerce are preferred for these jobs.

A big mistake students make while making a career choice is following others rather than picking a career based on their interests and innate skills. They try to do what everyone else is doing and end up nowhere.

A major reason for unemployment is the lack of awareness about the current trends, skills, and job requirement. It is important for students to keep in touch with their seniors and professors who would provide them with useful career advice according to their eligibility and interest. Moreover, they must have a long-term approach to their career. Some students would take up part time jobs along with studies, thinking that they will earn while doing their graduation. However, it isn’t feasible unless you are someone really extraordinary. They run the risk of getting so involved in their work that their studies get sidelined. These students may enjoy high salary at the young age, but their future will not be as bright.

Subjects students generally study in BCom are Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Cost accounting, Income tax, Auditing, Business, Finance, Business economics, Business finance, Marketing, and Business law.

Commerce education can also assist you to find jobs with corporations and banks as investment bankers, managers, financial consultants, advisors, accountants, etc. Accountancy is key to success in these fields and anyone who is good with numbers can excel.

After the commerce courses after 12th, you can go on pursuing masters in commerce or business administration, which will open up new possibilities. It all depends on where you want to reach in your career.

As said, chartered accountancy is a coveted career option for any commerce student. One can become a CA by passing all three levels of examinations prescribed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

To become a Company Secretary, the candidate needs to get through three stages – the Foundation, Executive, and Professional. Thereafter, they are required to undergo training for about 15 months.

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