MBA Prepares You to Manage

MBA Prepares You to Manage

An MBA, contrary to what many think, is not specialisation but a complete management programme. Even if you choose electives, it does not become a specialisation programme. It equips you with the tools and techniques you require to manage, rather than do all the work yourself.

Even though a manager basically requires the ability to manage and need not get into the nitty-gritty’s of specialized tasks, having a general understanding of the task is a must. For instance, a manager doesn’t need to create an Account book by himself as there are Accounts Officers to do the work, but he or she must understand the accounts book to draw conclusions such as balance sheets and P&L Statements.

A marketing team working under a manager may be handling several accounts and a manager need not understand all tasks. If they can look at a sales graph and figure out the subtle implications, that’s a manager’s job. When the HR provides a manager with the attrition rate, they must be able to determine if it is okay and find out ways to plug the leak, if required.

A degree earned from a top institute gives you credentials as well as the opportunity to build a network. An IIM-A degree will certainly hold more value than one given by an XYZ Institute of Management. However, what a graduate will achieve after hard work from either of the Institutes will be worth only when he or she is able to utilize all that’s learnt.

Indian companies show a tendency to get hooked by academic credentials, so a degree does make an impact on opening doors and getting resumes short-listed. Moreover, thanks to solid networking, there are thousands out there willing to help you get hired.

Finding a reputable college is always a job at hand. If you are looking for MBA colleges in Bhopal factoring in their track record and reputation will help. You also need to consider facilities, experience, faculty, tuition fees, placement record, etc.

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