WWF : My Learning Curve

WWF : My Learning Curve

The WWF experience is one that would definitely hold in my pleasant memories for the years to come, not because we won the championship but for the valuable lessons of teamwork, self belief and self discipline that  I have learned through this.

It was 30th July 2014  and we had assembled for the pre event meet held for WWF Championship-2014. This meet introduced us to WWF event – the way it had been conducted all these years , the scope , rules etc..   As the meet reached its conclusion, we were informed about our respective teams, our mentors and the product for which we had to simulate a launch. We were handed over a document that freezed our scope of work. We were all clueless – moreover the outline was quite broad  – and we had to get it done on 5th August .

How do we proceed further for the first round ?  – am sure most of the students must have  had this in thier minds when the moved out of the auditorium.  I knew that embarking on this assignment is surely going to take us out of our comfort zones.

I distinctly remember stepping into our first team-meet – my team mates , our mentors. It was good – with our  mentors allowed us to settle in and we could put forth our thoughts and opinions. In fact I suddenly found myself gaining more confidence and determination from that week on. I began reshaping my work style and schedule to fit into the mould of WWF!

I could make out that the comming few days are going to be the toughest and heaviest than what I have been used to ever. The major challenges to get past were the market visits to identify opportunities , challenges , competitors , distributors ; then design product packs as per market requirements , work out with creative teams for advertisements , take care of finances …etc … and everything needs to fall under a budget.

Lots of things to do … but the best part is that we have a team to share the work …. we need to delegate on the basis of individual strength areas ……. teamwork is most important … Effective team work is both profoundly simple and difficult at the same time. But the commitment shown by the teammates paved the way to the preparations for the first round which started with the market survey and continued with the making of displays and presentations.

On 5th August, 2014 after both of the rounds we were declared one of the finalists. Hurdle one had passed, but we had a bigger challenge ahead. Bigger as now everyone had been into the market – and competition is more battle ready ….

“Believe you can, and you are half a way there”. It was belief of our mentors, friends and of course the team that made it possible to make us the winners of the championship.

The final round was on 9th August, 2014 and we focused ourselves totally on the road to give our 200 % to learn each and every aspect of the market comprising of packaged drinking water.

Finally came the day of finals and like everyone else we were very nervous but think we were better prepared as we had been out of our comfort zones for last 15 days or so.  We gave our level best  and won.

On reflecting back, I feel  – “We ran our own race.  We were not in a competition with anyone else.. We had no desire to play the game of being better than everyone else around us, in any way. We just claim to improve to become a better person than we were………………….!!!!

Anshika Mishra Contributor
Anshika Mishra is a MBA student at Institute of Professional Education & Research (IPER).