The Roots

The Roots

rootsI have always believed that “Roots are the origin; intellect builds by knowing them”. All these years, from time to time I  have kept questioning this belief and ironically  every-time I find the same answer.

Life is highly dynamic now days. People say that is the era of “modern life”. Today, the basic needs are catered with lot of ease. In fact, the needs which were considered as the luxurious needs have gradually become the necessities of a human. We can easily understand by looking a very general example of car. In the early 80s’ the car was one of the luxurious need. Every citizen in India could not afford a car in that duration of time. In the later 90s’, people started buying it and now it is a necessity and not a luxurious need. Hence, the needs are catered now with ease. If we see the facts and the trends, people get the things with more comfort as compared to early generations.

By talking on this, people feel relaxed, but trust me, it is an alarming state. If we deep dive into the scenario, mediocrity has taken its hold, especially on the young generation today. Reason could be that today the young generation gets most of the things without putting much of the efforts. Most of the youngsters do not understand the value of the sweat and the taste of the success that comes after putting nerve breaking efforts. Most of the youngsters lives comfortably, their materialistic demands gets satisfied in time and because of this they have started losing the value of time, money and other resources which are easily available to them, but then those resources are being earned by either their parents, guides, or indirectly by the people who are working very hard to build those resources for them. This all has made the youngsters lazy and irresponsible to some extent.

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”  – Socrates 

Somehow, all this has resulted in the degradation in philosophy of life, knowledge, intellect, productivity and finally in the objectivity of the nation. This carelessness has put lot of pressure on the strength who is working very hard out there to build the resources, to keep the nation united and to keep the society satisfied. For example, few government officials, bureaucrats, people from defense, people from IT industry, manufacturing industry and from many other fields, people are working hard for the nation, welfare of the society and for the knowledge. But the majority of the youngsters are not contributing in their efforts and that is the reason why the degradation of humanity, intellect, knowledge and the nation is happening like anything.

This is intangible and cannot be quantified as of now, as it requires lot many surveys and analysis to be done for a factual report. After doing the root cause analysis, I found that all the above stated issues are carrying out due to one major problem, i.e., people are losing control on the basic ideal philosophy of life. The philosophy of life is the roots, the basic fundamental of life on which a human is supposed to live his/her life according to situations develop over the period of time. Point is where this philosophy actually exists.

Answer is quiet simple. This philosophy of life lies within the books like Bhagwad Geeta, philosophy written by Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Chanakya, Swami Vivekanand and similarly many more. The reason being why I am saying this is that Bhagwat Geeta is not only a mythological or a holy book, but it is the first Guru of the management for today’s scenario. These books actually guide a human for living a life in the right direction. By reading these books, one builds the right ideology of living life and it is because these books emphasizes on doing the work mainly with the right mind and not concerned about the results. Now if someone works with this rule, that individual will do the work with utmost concentration and obviously the desired results will be enjoyed then.

It is always recommended by great intellects like Swami Vivekanand that you can always get the desired results by utilizing the existing resources in the most optimized way and to do this, you need a mind which should have the clarity of basics. These basic as fundamentals of life can only become clear when you understand the philosophy of life and to understand it, you need to study your roots which are as well explained in the above stated books. One important point that I would like to quote here is that, now a days people do the work or even live their lives without knowing the reason behind it.

The first lesson of any philosophy is that every single individual has to understand the reason behind every action, thing and existence. One should also know the reason of their own existence. The day when one understands it, ideology builds up, clarity comes and the intellect develops. After this, the objectivity of life sets and honestly speaking everything here is related. The nation’s objectivity, growth and development actually depend upon the individual ones. This is achieved when the people become work oriented and moves in the right direction. It can only happen when the roots are strong, clarity of basics of our life is there and the philosophy of life is set.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” – Plato


Today, this is very much required. Mediocrity has started ruling in such a way that youngsters have lost their vision and capability of thinking beyond. This disease can somehow be removed by clearing our basics and by knowing the philosophy of life, by reading those books which are our roots. I wish that people will wake up and the humanity will again spread across the globe. I wish that people will again rise tomorrow with the sun to set the objectivity in the right direction. May God shower all his grace upon us!

“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”  – Socrates

Vipul Mehrotra Contributor
Vipul is a web enthusiast and a freelance consultant for small scale organizations in Education sector and IT industry. An Associate Member of Institute of Defense and Strategic Analysis (IDSA, Delhi), he has also worked in various technical capacities with top rung companies for over 3 years. Vipul is a student of PGDM (Post Graduation Diploma in Management) and an active member of Student Council, IPER. Likes to pitch in whenever time permits with relevant blogs on latest IT trends and technologies that maps current business scenarios.