Samvaad – Our Industry Interaction

Samvaad – Our Industry Interaction

samvaadapril14_collagemixSamvaad, our opportunity to interact with the guests from the corporate sector and learn management tips to compete in the highly competitive corporate world. This event organised on 26th April 2014 happens to be one of the most effective ways to optimize knowledge investments and ensure life work experiences prior to joining the industry.

For FMCG and Real Estate sectors, Mr. Mohammad Hussain -Senior Sales Executive, Nestle India; Mr. Arif Sheikh – CEO, Gammon Industries; Mr. Piyush Kaushal  -Area Sales Manager, Reckitt Benkizer; Mr. Sanjay Sharma, GM, Pepsi Co. were the guests who shared their enlightening experiences in respective sectors.

Mr. Hussain gave his insights on the fundamental issues of today, where he emphasized on how to reduce the efforts and maximize the productivity with the changing market dynamics. He drew attention on that the “The external environment is difficult and there is a general pressure on people’s budget.” With worrisome percentages and faced with declining sales, a depreciating local currency, slowing economic growth, higher input costs and rising domestic competition, Nestle India Ltd also revisited its strategy to cater to more affluent Indians whose household budgets are relatively immune to the country’s rising inflation and faltering economy. He remarked about the stupendous business model and distribution channel which has been followed by organizations like Cadbury, Hindustan Unilever and Coke. He also insisted that one needs to strive hard to find success in this sector. He stood firm with this belief that likings play and important role and one has to be smart enough to find scope of their own. He addressed our queries on :

  1. The importance of Inventory Management in FMCG sector

  2. The distribution channel in the FMCG sector

  3. The scope of management graduate in the FMCG sector?

  4. His views on the logistic system

Mr. Arif Sheikh –CEO , Gammon Industries shared stories of companies and their objective of setting themselves up in India and then in real estate industry. “My own experience is that the traditional approach of process driven teaching is not at par with the modern world. More focus should be on the brainstorming, which is the absolute need today. Students should be work-ready for the company., he said. Session had been very involving as the audience witnessed another side of real estate thats unheard of and is flooded with opportunities. He advised the students on two important things, i.e. grooming and carefulness while speaking. Mr. Arif spoke on various work preparation aspects and stressed – “The young generation today, breaks-down even with the daily work grinds. One has to remain self-driven at work, because that is when the innovation will come – and that satisfaction”. We had following queries that were addressed by Mr Arif, like:

  1. The frame of mind one needs to have, to enter the emerging real estate sector.
  2. The opportunities in the real estate sector and  the preparation required from a management graduate to grab it.

Mr. Piyush Kaushal –Area Sales Manager, Reckitt Benkizer opened up the discussion on an inspiring note and comprehended on the kind of changes the FMCG sector will be witnessing in the coming years. He affirmed that with the customer’s move to various substitutes in India, the kind of opportunities that will get unfolded for those who aspire to be part of FMCG sector.

He enlightened the students with the latest trends and discussed on the topics like fundamentals of doing FMCG job, e-tailing, how the customers has to be brought in to get the maximum footfalls and lastly what corporate FMCG expects from the management students. He asked, “Will Kirana Stores be able to survive ? Will they be able to survive in the market in the near future?”. He envisaged that selling is the part and parcel of an individual in corporate arena. “Each step there is selling involved and every next step is making a relationship with your colleagues. A critical analysis in important”, he insisted. Going further, he said “Making the best utilization of time and dedicating mighty half an hour for yourself and for your interest is enough to make yourself an ingredient of all the rare spices needed in the corporate.” The students were given insights as to :

1. How Inventory management is done in FMCG?

2. What is the criterion of distributor selection?

Mr. Sanjay Sharma -GM , Pepsi Co. carried the session further and stressed on Distribution as a very important aspect in FMCG. “Without intellect and wisdom nothing can run properly, which make product availability in every customer, is our mission and make it reach the ultimate customer”, he said. He touched on the intricacies involved in the market-share-fight on even and not so even market grounds.

“For survival you need to react in the market, you need to have that resources needed to fulfill domestic need of customer.” Branding and marketing are on the same platform and signifies how to spearhead in the arena. “Primary and secondary availability has to be there and the hubs are present to facilitate the products at the end consumer. Exceed of drinking in terms of beverages is always harming but depends on how much and what to consume. Infrastructure, availability and manpower is the chain system in FMCG that brings in the fulfilment of targets of the organisation“, he said.

This though provoking session had stirred lot many of our queries for our eminent guest to answer like :

  1. Do logistics do have their own system or they are part of the company?

  2. What are the factors involved in the forecasting of sales target?

  3. What is the deadliest combination for the root cause of obesity?

The Samvaad session should have gone on and on as it touched on topics that were fresh and some even unheard about. Very interesting session, like the previous one in February where we had experts from Banking & Retail. Thats all for this post, and we would soon come up with more event updates. So stay tuned, and comments appreciated !!!. [Event follow-up article written by Arushi Pandey, on behalf of student council, PGDM Trim V]

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