Academic Mentoring System

Academic Mentoring System

One of the most exceptional mentor programs with emphases on personalizing management education for students and providing a deepening understanding of fundamental management skills and professionalism is the Academic Mentoring System. The mentor system adopted as core of education program is one of the series of recent innovations in the IPER’s management curriculum.

About Mentor System

Its  a system of peer group mentoring through which students can meet and get support from student-mentor groups. Each student-mentor group has members who are mostly class mates of PGDM/MBA programme. Group members are from variety of background/s who are interested in working together for common goal.

Management education can be stressful and sometimes difficult too as there is so much to take in and adjust to and to overcome the above anxiety it is useful to meet student-mentors to get to know more people and to discuss any difficulties (academic, summer internship, final placement or otherwise) that you may be having.

Through the student-mentor group mentoring system, you will meet with other students and have the opportunity to learn from others experience.

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PGDM Council Members                                              MBA Council Members


Goals of the Mentoring System

The primary goals is to oversee a two-year industry oriented PGDM/MBA curriculum, and provide students with constant faculty mentoring for “Better Corporate Placement”.

The PGDM/MBA curriculum @IPER underscores proficiency in the basic subject specific knowledge and imparts additional soft skills such as communication skills, team building, personal effectiveness, creative thinking, selling skills, etc…. IPER helps students to acquire above mentioned skills through many ways, mainly with improving communication, developing leadership qualities, working on body language, eye contact, etc…, and use of IT enabled tools and techniques

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship

The student-mentor relationship lasts throughout the student’s management education @IPER. During the students’ 2nd & 3rd semester, they meet regularly with their mentor and with-in a student-mentor group which is small group of students with a council member.

During these weekly meetings, mentors work with the students; listening their academic and other concerns, counseling them, teaching those skills and talking with them about their career plan with student-centred approach and professionalism.

Mentors Responsibilities:

  1. Help in developing the Career Plan of the Mentee.
  2. Working on the Attitude of Mentee.
  3. Information about their Interest.
  4. Mentoring in Specialization Selection: Matching with the potential of the Mentee.
  5. Mentoring in Sector Selection / Assessing Sector Preference of the Mentor as well: Matching with the potential of the Mentee.
  6. Following the Progress closely/ Performance in Mock-Drill, Tests, Academics etc. and maintaining the database as well.
  7. Coordination with learning forums/ Participation.
  8. Ensuring Mentee participation in events & activities, and tracking performance as well.
  9. Mentor will coordinate with learning forums & will motivate the mentee for participation.
  10. Mentor will be the part of Mentor Committee.
  11. Engagement in Academics, Soft skills, learning forums, various events & placements.
  12. Writing Letters to parents of Mentee: Once a month.
  13. Mentors will have a meeting with Group Director once in Fortnight.

Mentor Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Common Career Plan will be analyzed & then it will be worked upon by:
    1. Career Centre
    2. Soft Skill Sessions i.e. HAM (Human Asset Maximization)/ BEAT (Behavioral Enhancement and Training / FEM (Focus Employability Module)
    3. Mentor Committee will decide the eligibility of students for Star Companies.
    4. For any addition or editing in the eligibility list, Mentor Committee along with Chairman- Career Centre, IPER will take necessary steps.
    5. Mentor committee will have a meeting once in a Fortnight.


Pls. Note: References used, while writing this article: IPER’s internal document titled – “Mentor’s & Mentor-Committee’s Roles and Responsibility” circulated by Prof. (Dr.) Hersh Sharma, Chairmen-Career Center.

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