Indian Economy : A Concern

et_on_indian_economy“Indians’ economic optimism; all but   evaporated in 2013”

ET carried out this statement in an article on Indian economy a few hours ago. Many of us must be having the same or mixed feelings on the state of Indian Economy – a concern that we all must acknowledge.

Though India has come stronger than before but its effect to be seen in this year and the country’s economic activity is expected to recover gradually.

Economic forecast by quotes “Economic activity is expected to recover gradually as the rupee depreciation supports exports, infrastructure projects cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Investment come on stream and political uncertainty declines after the general election due in the spring 2014. However, the rupee depreciation is putting pressures on inflation and the public finances, as well as on corporates and banks with high external debt exposure. Supply constraints will continue to restrain growth, adding to inflationary pressures and the current account deficit.” 

Mystified we are , and we need to conjure up to help the economy get accolades and spread positivity in the nation.

We know, our economy thrives in adversity because of its strong roots. We need to understand this time too ,we would certainly bounce back but then somebody rightly said -“Winning army realizes the conditions for victory first, then fights.”

This happens to be a social responsibility and we have ventured and set ourself into motion, with an objective to generate concern and at the same time confide with the masses that economy in the coming time will be seeing a drastic change. Our initiative “Run for Economy” is a step towards this direction because –  हम नही करेंगे तो कौन करेगा ?

Run for Economy -a symbolic run to be held on 6th April 2014 from Vyapam Square, MP Nagar, Bhopal  at 8:00 AM is an effort for generating awareness on the economy today moreover to spread the vibes that economy is going to settle and will be venturing the change, yet very positive this time !

Our effort towards creating ‘awareness for economy’ is aimed at catching the attention of the masses on economy- drawing participation from all those who are concerned – and trying to spread our concern to far flung areas. Its high time that masses keep a watch on the state of economy as this would make the system more efficient.

Bullish or bearish, Indian economy will always flourish. The negative vibes and the slumps have eroded the iron like pillars and structure of Indian economy, if asked today people often attribute the failure to sensex saying its unstable government, there are increase in US interest rates, uncontrolled deficits, drop in FII inflows , sluggish reforms and ratings.

Sensex is perceived as the synonym of downfall but it is other way round, it’s an indication of the return of prosperity. And so we would like to make citizens of India aware and recall people that they ought to pay homage to our economy which is better off than any other.

As come what may are the circumstances there have been affirmations like “2014 will mark the beginning of the bull market in India”, Abhay Laijawala, Managing Director and Head Of Research , Deutsche Equities. Prashant Jain ,Executive Director and CIO HDFC Mutual Funds says “Overall, the equity market has always been positive following a stable government coming to power”

Yes, the Indian economy is concentrating in motivating the states and assists them to improve and focus immediately on the larger opportunities for better management rather than changing the laws. Despite wide expectations of growth slipping below 5 per cent, Finance Minister P Chidambaram quotes the growth to reach between 5-5.5 per cent this financial year, now what more is required from a nation’s spokesperson whose is seen with many drooling eyes when he confronts media with his briefcase.

This reminds of Tom Barrett and his prodigious words “Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth”. Indeed well framed, the U.S. Politician gives a multifaceted angle to look at volatile situations.

Lets take a que from here, let us obliterate the negative notions, Indian economy shall bloom if not already –  we need is to be aware and keep a watch.

Lets run for a cause, lets run for a reason, lets run for the economic well being of our nation. Come join us, on 6th April 2014, 8:00 AM,  at Vyapam Square , MP Nagar, Bhopal.


Arushi Pandey Contributor
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