Can I achieve without mulling over & reaching roots by investment?

Can I achieve without mulling over & reaching roots by investment?

ponderBenjamin Franklin said, and we quote,“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.

Such reflections always hold true and serves as inspiration to the keep reinventing ourselves and achieve the best. We know for sure, & you would also agree that without mulling over and reaching the roots one cannot come up with flying colors. It holds true and there is not even an iota of doubt in what he quoted.

Most of the B-Schools do follow case methods and heated debates are commonplace in the classrooms. In the end, we see divergent opinions converge and such is the analytical framework that governs the proceeding. However, there are many instances when we rarely reach a consensus because ultimately it depends on each student’s “knowledge compass”.

Important, it is that a professional should possess the natural ability to question his/her knowledge-compass and keep pushing self to the wall (…of course in literal sense .. 🙂 ). This would allow an individual to keep acquiring , improving his/her knowledge-compass. This re-enlightenment adds on to the adaptability and confidence which is a must in todays ever changing business as well as societal environment. This can be termed as ‘Investment in Knowledge‘.

Learning forums have been a very successful model in recent years for a B-School graduate to invest in knowledge. Here is Vidvata – a learning forum that address this knowledge-compass issue. Vidvata encompasses political, economic and social aspects for the students to build their knowledge upon. Vidvata requires participant to remain updated with the political, economic & social aspects on various burning issues that fall under this spectrum. Vidvata, as we see ; remains a mechanism to:

  1. Enhance Knowledge – by mulling over on the topic, his/her understanding developed over the years in the light of fact and figures he/she has collected.
  2. Develop confidence, communication and delivery skills – by sharing his new found understanding and defending it with facts , inferences drawn. This makes an individual polish his communication, delivery and in turn it adds to the confidence

On further drilling down our thoughts on What Vidvata is likely to offer – then first of all, it makes participant to line up the issues in a macroscopic manner so that he/she can develop a thorough understanding – to be able to participate and deliver. Cutting down the opposition, convincing and selling the opinion across the learning forum would be a delightful and a chilling experience as well. If, some were to sum up the expected learning outcomes from this forum then, it would surely include:

  1. “Skill” objectives
    1. To understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts.
    2. To develop the ability to analyze controversies, select and evaluate evidence,construct and refute arguments.
  2. “Intellectual” objectives
    1. To learn theories that seek to explain the process of communicating arguments with people.
    2. To clarify one’s personal and social values through confrontation with the value of judgements of others.
    3. To participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made.
    4. To enhance learning such that participants will be able to give direction to the discussions.
  3. “Social” objectives
    1. Promoting school and community relations through participation in an intellectual activity.
    2. To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation.

This Vidvata – “Lok Sabha Elections 2014”

The transition of powers is expected and would see a lot many impacts on the various sectors of the country. From young minds to tycoons everyone are keeping an eye on the day to day changes and keeping their views upfront. We believe insights on political, economic, social, technical aspects on the nation and, how well one needs to be prepared to face the upcoming challenges would be discussed.

Vidvata is definitely going to be very exciting and we can see the enthusiasm around. As Vidvata is all ready to unfurl “Namo-Raga” (NArendra MOdi-RAhul GAndhi) am sure that, it would include:

1) Mood of the nation

2) Better India

3) Better use of Vote Banks

Before we sign off,  lets extend  best wishes to all our Vidvata friends …. Akansha Chaturvedi, Devyani Thakur, Himanshu Mistry, Priyanka Rajdev, Rita, Ashish Sharma, Harshita Shrivastava, Satyaveer Kaushal and Yash Patel – the knowledge-seekers, panel and moderators for this Vidvata.

Stay tuned, as we shall follow this blog with our Vidvata experiences.  🙂

Arushi Pandey Contributor
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