Biz Mantra Triump: Inter-College Management Fest

Institute of Professional Education & Research (IPER) students walked away with 3rd Prize trophy in the “Biz Mantra (Business Plan Presentation)” event at Odyssey-2k14, the 7th annual national-level inter-collegiate management fest hosted & organized by Bhopal School of Social Science’s Department of Management.

The three-day 7th edition of Odyssey, the management fest of the BSSS College began at college campus on 5th March 2014. Hundreds of students flocked BSSS College on Wednesday to participate in a management fest “Odyssey-2k14” organized by department of management of the institute. Students from different colleges in and around the Bhopal city, plus students from Pune and Indore participated in various events based on the theme “PLAN, Prepare, Manage, Implement the Challenge“.

The fest is a platform for participating management students to display their managerial skills. The fest included contests/events like “BIZ MANTRA [Business Plan Presentation], CHECK-MATE [Debate Competition], EQUILIBRIUM [Group Discussion], MONOPOLY, BRAIN STORM [Quiz], and STOCK TRADMS [OPTION EXERCISE]”.

IPER College was represented by following students of MBA 2nd Semester – Najmuddin Saify, Nishant Gaur & Sudarshan Jain of Section 2; Jayant Bharadwaj, Rini Parashar, Rupal Aggrawal & Surbhi Sen of Section 3; Krati Badhani, Naina Marathe, and Pravesh Sharma of Section 4.

In BIZ MANTRA event, IPER team was represented by Jayant Bhradwaj & Surbhi Sen. IPER team prepared and presented the business plan of setting up online shopping portal “SABKE DEAL.COM”. Their work was judged as 3rd best business plan.

Sudarshan Jain, Jayant Bhradwaj, Surbhi Sen & Rupal Aggrawal took part in the debate competition (CHECK-MATE).

Krati Badani & Naina Marathe took part in the MONOPOLY event/competition- A game based on industry, growth rate and environment protection. IPER team qualified the 1st round by establishing their industry with the help of bidding for the factor of production. In 2nd round IPER team was supposed to expand their industry through further bidding and try to reduce carbon credits.

Nishant Gaur participated in the activity named “EQUILIBRIUM – Group Discussion” the topic given was “Impact of AAP on the Indian politics”.

 IPER congratulate all the Participants and Winners!!!

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