Roadmap & Primer :Education Mapping

People crucial to the creation of a education mapping: the faculty who would be instrumental in implementing /monitoring and the students  who would have to inculcate/imbibe the outcome. In continuation, a workshop on Mapping & Alignment of Management Education for Effective Corporate Placements was held for (& by) MBA Students.

  • Date: 6th  & 7th Mar 2014
  • Start Time: 10:30 am onwards
  • Location/Venue: Institute of Professional Education & Research, MBA Block, Bhopal

The current business environment is highly competitive and unpredictable, which in turn requires comprehensive education system that will not only full fill the requirement of students but as well as its other stakeholders. To be effective in the workplace, apart from formal degree (subject knowledge) future employee needs certain employability skills such as computer skills, analytical skills, communication skills, decision making skills etc… This increases the importance of management education in particular and IPER is in forefront to provide the both i.e. Education and Skill Development leading to final placement for the benefit of students, their employer and the wider economy

The current workshop which was for (& by) MBA students shows the IPER’s commitment to support its strategic priority i.e. Employability. For over 16 years, IPER’s success mantra has been “Excellent Academics” and “Excellent Corporate Placements and IPER keeps trying to identify ways to combine the above two. This workshop brings together teaching staff and students to reflect on the state of current placement initiatives rooted in IPER’s MBA programme and how to further improve them for mutual benefit.

Workshop’s specific aims:

  1. IPER management wanted students to give pointers which they thought will be helpful towards getting them placed through campus placement
  2. Find out student concerns, past experience of IPER’s senior batches with placement initiatives, student’s expectations regarding job offers & their attraction, getting placed, support from career placement team along with academics team, etc…
  3. Problems and potential solutions for running, sustaining & improving corporate placement for students
  4. Prepare the “Vision Document” and “Action Plan” based on it.

Programme Progressed as follows:

The session began with welcome address to students by Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa (Group Director – IPER), highlighting the aim/objectives of the workshop.

After the group director’s address, the students were asked to form the groups of 7-8 students each and finally one faculty coordinator were assigned to each group. The role of the faculty coordinators was to be a catalyst and to see that all student participate equally in the process

During the first day, all the groups deliberated amongst themselves for making vision pointers. These vision pointers were later discussed and twenty seven were finalized in the end. On Day 2, execution plan most suitable and feasible for each of 27 vision pointer was deliberated upon and finalized.

Glimpse/Pic’s of the event/workshop:

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