To enhance student’s employability chances, IPER conducts BEAT (Behavioral Enhancement and Training) session for their PGDM students. BEAT sessions are designed to help the students to enhance their soft skills and personal effectiveness. In this students are made to participate in various activities which work as a platform for them to communicate in front of everybody and boost their self-confidence. Besides English language skills the students also learn, presentation skills, listening skills, Business etiquette’s, Mannerisms, Interview skills and Resume writing skills. Students are also taught how to face the interview panel and are made to prepare for the unexpected business situations in real life. Tools like out of box thinking, six thinking hats, impromptu, business line, and perceptual competence help in achieving competitive edge.

Recently BEAT session was organized under guidance of Prof. Ravi Chatterjee, Asst. Prof (IPER) in-order to find some way out to the issue of poor performance of primary level students in MP. On the basis of the ASER report 2013 prepared by the NGO Pratham, it is clearly stated that the performance of the primary school students is disheartening.


The students have been divided into 10 groups and will design individual projects and will answers to some critical issues which are being raised. This activity will help in coming out with some innovative methods to tackle the existing situation.

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Students were supposed to prepare report in the following format:

“Project Report”:

  1. ABOUT PROJECT (Project Title / Short term & long term objectives of the project)
  2. PROJECT DETAILS (Project overview/ Geographical location/ Level at which the project is to be executed (i.e. individual, household or  village level, etc.)/ What makes your innovation distinctive and unique in comparison with the competing alternatives?/ RISKS: How do you perceive the following risks in execution of the project- Market risks, Execution risks, Financial Risks, Regulatory risks, Business model risks (if any)

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