A Student Diary

scribbleAs year 2013 went by, and as we embrace 2014 ……..urge to scribble those thats running through my mind was stronger than ever.…..A good way would be to reflect quotes that influenced me greatly and thank those who made my  memoirs of journey of 2013 ,a pleasant reflect.  In the journey of life we come across with many people who knowingly and unknowingly contribute in some or the other way in our life.

Dr. Khalsa – a person who always inspired us and his one of the weekend quotes that played on in my mind – “Dont b afraid of darkness….because u r a star…..so whenver u find yurself in darkness …..believe me u r soon going to shine……i feel like …..suggest evrone to feel……..”

Let me thank my friends, elders, teachers, mentors, all of you…..possibly we might have less talks and wishes but never be less in my prayers and memories. Lowalekar sir, Rahul sir, Lakhani sir, Nikhil sir, Abhishek Jain sir,….so on list

I am also thankful to my college IPER and for nurturing our skills and knowledge and helping in shaping our future and making us a better citizen.

I thank Edelweiss for providing us SIP training & thus helping us understand the financial sector itargets, pressure handling & …… yes enjoyed a lot too (Jabardast)… and the credit goes to Amjad sir, Nitin sir.

And Great campus experience and finally making into final round and received first job offer of life in S&P Capital IQ along with other shortlisted students.

Thank You Very Much 2013. Wishing Everyone A Prosperous and Wonderful Year Ahead … 🙂

WE WELCOME YOU 2014 – “With the promise of New Achievements, New Breath, New commitment, New Dedication, New Energy, New Feeling, New Growth, New Hope, New Inspiration…………………………………..and lots of dreams to realise…….. …..ab sab me hu Likhunga kya……..”

Sandeep Patel Contributor
Salutations! I love being self confident. I live for the purpose – to adjust myself to the changes to move along with the world. It’s often said if you don’t update yourself, you are outdated. A valuable human being on earth who is willing to help for any justified cause. Today@sandeep Author is a student of the MBA 3rd Semester, 2012-14 Batch of IPER-MBA