Personal Effectiveness : Take Initiative & Leap towards Success !

Imperative, it is for management students to enhance their soft skills and personal effectiveness. Participation in various activities that helps to communicate in front of everybody and boost their self-confidence is must. English language skills are a must but also the same goes with presentation skills, listening skills, Business etiquettes, Mannerisms, Interview skills and Resume writing skills.

Order of the day  is to prepare for the unexpected business situations in real life. Tools like out of box thinking, six thinking hats, impromptu, business line, and perceptual competence help in achieving competitive edge and fall in line with the survival needs.

Its a well known fact that oral reporting skills act as key to success in any career, especially in management. Therefore one has to seek ways to nurture interest in varied aspects with brainstorming on topics. Article reading, Group discussions plays important role in adding to ones knowledge and thus confidence whereas regular extempores  would enhance one’s social alertness.

Without the basic telephone etiquettes, oral skills remains unattained. Our voice plays a very important role in creating an impression of our personality, education, family background as well as the nature of job we are engaged in. In today’s scenario, telephonic interview is one of the integral parts of interview process therefore it becomes crucial.

Research has shown that the words we use in face-to-face communication only contribute 7% of the message we send when we communicate with others. A whopping 55% of our message is communicated by our “Body Language”. There are several components of body language: eye contact, facial expression, body movement, and personal space.

Having said all these, the key is to provide a concrete base so that students can build these skills while they are still pursuing their studies. This means that students are ‘industry ready’ right from day one and thus a competitive edge ….


Ravi Chatterjee Contributor
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