Modern Project Management Essentials

Gone are the days when managing a project meant that we got to have the skills to plan the tasks, manage teams, track progresses and handle complex situations. Today, we need to know a few project management software tools, because the modern world is information savvy and these software tools are capable of generating a lot of reports. Notwithstanding that, there are several undeniable benefits of going for a project management software.

1. Manage almost every important aspect of the project at one place, available at the click of the mouse. Be it team management, task scheduling, leveling or tracking your project. Having said this, be reminded that not all project management tools are “super tools”, though many are close to being one.

2. Turn the plans into visuals. It really helps when plan can be actually “showed” , and that’s what a project management tool can do. GANTT charts, resource sheets, PERT and CPM are common buzz words for almost all of them.

3. Share with your peers. Be it be the project calendar, Documents or Contact lists, most of the software available today for projects allows to share and collaborate online.

4. Reduce human errors in planning and tracking. Even the great pyramids of Giza has no evidence that they were void of errors in planning or execution, projects are bound to have some errors here n there because its about “being human”. However, when a software is brought into picture, such errors are reduced to a great extent as these software are capable enough to “highlight” or “pop-up” with alerts and messages wherever and whenever things go wrong.

5. Focus on “productive” usage of time than spending on “redundant essentials”. When a software tool is in use, everyone involved in the Project, right from the top to every member saves substantial amount of time that can now be put to more challenging and shelved-for-later activities.

Having seen the need and purpose of using project management software tools, we shall look at some of the popular Project Management Software Tools available in the concluding part of this article to follow by the first week of next month.

Anil Purushothaman Contributor
Prof. Anil Purushothaman is an Associate Professor at IPER Bhopal and belongs to the IT Dept that takes care of the IT infrastructure in the Campus. He has software industry experience as Business Systems Requirement Analyst and Project Manager. His favorite topics are Enterprise Business Suite, CRM and Moodle.
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