Prof. Bibek Debroy’s Perspectives on Indian Economy

IBEF Exclusive Interview on Indian Economy with Prof. Bibek Debroy, Centre for Policy Research & former Chairman, IPER-PGDM Executive Council.

Observing the environment he quoted “Potentially, India has the possibility of very high rates of GDP growth… There is no particular reason why India should not be growing at around 8 per cent.”  Mentioning the strengths of India Prof. Debroy conveyed that “One of the interesting things that have happened in the last ten years is that some of the historically backward states have begun to grow, and have begun to grow very, very fast.”

A series of IBEF videos of this exclusive interview are available on Youtube and is listed below for your viewing.

When asked about India’s role in Global Economy Prof. Debroy said that “The main drivers of growth (in the Asian region), because of their sheer size, have been India and China. Since 1991, when India’s growth has been high, a large part of it has been driven not by the organised sector, but by the unorganized sector”

Prof. Debroy feels that the negative rating on India has been exaggerated and says that “Not only are the external debt indicators reasonably good; but India has an impeccable record of repaying external debt.”

In this exclusive interaction with IBEF, Mr. Debroy discussed the key underlying themes that are expected to propel the Indian economy going forward.

Earlier in 2010, IPER and the corporate dignitaries of Bhopal had heard Mr. Debroy in their own city, when he was talking at Visage : The National Convention organized by IPER. His speeches touched various issues and policy making in India, especially on the role of Youth in Policy Making. The complete archive of his speeches are available on IPER’s Youtube Channel – iperonline.

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