Finance Club – PGDM Trim II

Finance club aims to cater a wide variety of finance-related interests via games/quizzes/skits and non traditional mechanisms where students with interest in finance– whether it is Investment Banking, Investment Management, Venture Capital/Private Equity, or Corporate Finance etc. participate.  The areas keep changing…. but fun and learning remains the same.

pic4 pic3 Finance Club PGDM Trim II

The round up of finance club activities by PGDM Trim II held on 8th February, 2013 is as follows:

Club Coordinators Dinesh Parmar & Prathibha Develekar
Organizers for various activities Shelly Rastogi, Swati Singh, Khyati Patel ,Richa Jain & Reena Sharma
Attended By Prof. Hersh Sharma, Dr. Vaibhav Lowalekar, Prof. Amit Tiwari, Prof. Abhishek Jain, Prof. Ravi Chatterjee &  Prof. Milind Patil.
 Activities Held Financial Tambola 1
Grab Your Luck
Financial Tambola 2
Treasure Hunt
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Pooja I Sumeet Kolhe Aradhya Naidu Sanjeev Patel
Gurpreet Sandhu Imran Khan Kavya Menon Manju Mishra
Pinak Roy Nayan Sharma Manas Kumar Akshay Sohani
Swarnika Dixit Priyanka Gangwani Nosheen Anjum Priyal Thakur
Durgesh Sodha Sachin Pathak Anukriti Chaturvedi Anurag Thakur
 Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
Arpit Jain Ashish Kumar Singh Avinash Shrivastava Disha Verma
Geeta Sisodia Gladwin Vikram Joseph Mahipal Patel Kunal Temkar
Pooja Tekwani Ragini Sharma Mugdha Bhagya Kamran Kidwai
Satyendra Chauhan Shourabh Soni Arjun Singh Saijeeth Vasudevan
Swati Patel Vibhavary Shrivastava Sneha Awasthi Sweta Shukla

 The details of the activities are as follows:

Activity 1: Financial Tambola 1

10 questions to each team and they had to answer 2 at a time. For each correct pair of answers given by a team, one digit from the Tambola Slip was cut. Four teams who had solved the entire 10 questions were qualified to next round. The questions asked were simple calculations based on finance.

Activity 2: Grab Your Luck

The 4 teams which were eliminated in 1st round played this game. In this the contestants have to grab the Coins based on their luck and questions asked in the game.

Activity 3: Financial Tambola 2

In this round of Tambola Financial Quiz was organized in which questions based on financial scenario were asked. Through this round 3 teams were selected for the finals.

Activity 4: Treasure Hunt

It was the final round which was played between 3 teams. In this game the team has to earn the clues by trading.

All the activities were won by Group 8. Congratulations guys !!!

Prof. Dharini Raje Sisodia , faculty for Finance & Accounting and also an Associate Coordinator for Academics has completed MBA (FINANCE) from CRIM- University Teaching Department of Barkatullah University, Bhopal. Though Finance is her key area of interest, she also keenly follows and writes about the latest practices & updates on management education.