Faculty Development Program – MFDP

The Faculty Development Program organizes and conducts offerings aimed at engaging management faculty in focused conversations in areas of expertise such as innovative teaching methods, case study method, basic research tools and contemporary research topic exploration. The MFDP office provides consultations to various organisations, colleges and committees. This program offers opportunities for professional development in teaching and plays a key role in strengthening new teaching and learning initiatives that impact student success.

S# Program Title Faculty Date
1. Innovative Teaching Methods Prof. Mahesh Soni November 2 2012
2. Case Teaching Methods Dr (Prof.) Hersh Sharma December 8 2012
3. Basic Research Tools Dr (Prof.) Vaibhav Lowalekar January 12 2013
4. Contemporary Research Topic Exploration Dr (Prof.) Amarjeet Singh Khalsa February 16 2013


What faculty’s say :
“The Faculty Development Program is invaluable and its is highly desired that a faculty also goes through frequent sessions to improve their teaching skills. College’s reputation benefits when faculty have an opportunity to learn skills and techniques that improve their scholarly work. Faculty also benefits from having the opportunity to engage with colleagues from other departments.”

Innovative Teaching Methods : November 2 2012

Prof Mahesh Soni, Chairman -Corporate Communication IPER, conducted the workshop on Innovative teaching methods. The workshop activities were about the concept and importance and the effectiveness of problem-based learning. Prof. Soni highlighted the need for innovative teaching methods and its incorporation in the present day scenario, and using it as a handy tool for increasing the employability skills among students.

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Prof. Dharini Raje Sisodia , faculty for Finance & Accounting and also an Associate Coordinator for Academics has completed MBA (FINANCE) from CRIM- University Teaching Department of Barkatullah University, Bhopal. Though Finance is her key area of interest, she also keenly follows and writes about the latest practices & updates on management education.