Unique Identity of an Indian – AADHAAR

Unique Identity of an Indian – AADHAAR

Aadhaar is an important government initiative for establishing individual identity. Being an Indian is in itself a popular and respected identity for us Indians worldwide, and yet the Country has been struggling for a unique identification of its citizens in all the past Census Surveys of India. By 2025, we will be the most populous nation of the world, surpassing China, though we are already containing 17.5% of the world population (census 2011) on our land !

Probably this daunting figure was good enough a nightmare for the former co-Chairman of Infosys Technologies, Nandan Nilekani, that led him to form his so-called Dream Team of IT Experts, most of them Non-Resident Indians coming back to India just for this project that has today taken a shape under the title “AADHAAR”.

The AADHAAR scheme, a unique identification project for India, is implemented by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) (Hindi: भारतीय विशिष्ट पहचान प्राधिकरण), an agency of the Government of India. Its a part of the Planning Commission of India, and owns the responsibility of generating and maintaining a 12-digit unique identity number database.

Aadhaar Registration @ IPER

On 29th September 2010, the AADHAAR program was launched from a small tribal village in Maharashtra (Tembhli, Nandurbar District). The total number of AADHAARs issued as of 27-Dec-2012 is more than 24.2 crore (242 million). This is about 20% of the population of India. More than 1.5 crore registrations have been done in Madhya Pradesh, according to the figures available on http://uidai.gov.in/ .

ADHAAR Registration Camp was organized at IPER Campus on 15-20th Oct 2012.  The Camp served the local population of the nearby villages and the students, faculty and staff members, including their families. For some, the importance of Adhaar card is still unclear. Few of the benefits of Adhaar Card can be listed as :

  1. Direct Benefit Transfer (LPG Subsidy): The 12 digit individual identification number on Adhaar card is used to get LPG subsidy amount directly in the bank account.
  2. Jan Dhan Yojana: Adhaar card/number as the only document sufficient to open the bank account.
  3. Quick Passport : Yes, you can get passport in just 10 days. Police verification will be done at a later date.
  4. Digital Locker: Government of India has launched digital locker (DigiLocker) system for everyone for storing all personal document on the government’s server. All you need is 12 digit Adhaar card number. Check out benefits of DigiLocker.
  5. Voter Card Linking: Adhaar card UIDAI number would be linked to the voter ID’s. This action is taken to eliminate bogus voters.
  6. Monthly Pension: Pensioners will have to register their Adhaar card number with respective department to receive monthly pension.
  7. Provident Fund: Adhaar number needs to be registered with employee provident fund organization (EPFO).
  8. Digital Life Certificate: Adhaar linked digital life certificate shall end the process where pensioner had to be physically present at Pension Disbursing Agency to avail pension.
  9. SEBI: It is now accepted as a proof of address by Securities and Exchange board of India for investing in stock market.

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