Bachelor of Commerce

Advertising, Sales & Sales Promotion

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B.Com (Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales Management) course aims at focusing on developing and managing ongoing relationships with customers, competitors, partners, suppliers and other shareholders.Emphasis is also on the strong functional linkages between marketing and finance, accounting, operations, personnel, information systems, business communications and strategic management. Guest speakers from industry participate in teaching the programme to ensure that a balance is maintained between theoretical constructs and the practical aspects of business management. BCom (Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales management) at IPER is laced with:
  • Student Community Activities for developing all round abilities in a management professional.
  • Free Access to International Database Packages, exclusive Community membership & access to E-Learning Web Portal.

B.Com (Advertising Sales Promotion and Sales management) Features

Graduate would be able to :
  • To evaluate the relationship between advertising and other sales promotional elements
  • To understand the specialized aspects of advertising, such as social, economic, legal, technological and ethical considerations.
  • To critically evaluate the roles of media and advertising on markets.
  • To understand the planning, research and production for creating an advertising message and campaign.
  • To bring about stability and accountability in the whole aspect of advertising and sales promotion education.