Bachelor of Commerce

Principles & Procedures of Management Insurance

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B.Com (Insurance) at IPER, is a three-year undergraduate course. B.COM ( Insurance) aims at training students to gain knowledge in the fields related to Insurance and other related financial services but also leads to the all-round development of their personality. A perfectly designed full time course for all those aspiring to make a career in the growing and ever evolving field of Insurance. A career-oriented degree course laced with:
  • Addon Community Activities for developing all round abilities in a management professional.
  • Free Access to International Database Packages, exclusive IPER BUSINESS SCHOOL CLUB membership & access to E-Learning Web Portal.

B.Com (Insurance) Features

Graduate would be able to :
  • Demonstrate the theoretical and application knowledge in various actions associated with banking and financial sector.
  • Demonstrate the basic knowledge of the industry, good communication skills, leadership qualities, ability to deal with customers and use technology.
  • Demonstrate clear logical , analytical mind, diplomacy, sincereity and sound knowledge of the insurance system with up-to-date knowledge of recent development.