Bachelor of Commerce


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Course Intended for

Those students who are interested in the field of business with a commercial background or who want to continue with a management degree.

Bachelor of Commerce at IPER adapts a unique course delivery pedagogy that caters to the new generation undergraduate degrees with emphases including Career Development Programs. This course aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools of analysis and skills with which to understand and participate in the modern business and economics world, to prepare them for subsequent graduate studies and to achieve success in their professional careers.

  • Free Access to International Database Packages, usage of Hi-Speed WIFi Internet, exclusive IPER BUSINESS SCHOOL CLUB membership, access to all Intellectual Informational Database & access to E-Learning Web Portal.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of macroeconomic theory as it relates to current macroeconomics.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of microeconomic theory as it relates to markets, firms, government policy, and resource allocation.
  • Apply basic mathematical and statistical skills necessary for analysis of a range of problems in economics, actuarial studies, accounting, marketing, management and finance

Programme Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the degree in commerce, the students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the broad environment in which business operates.
  • Contribute effectively to the successful operation of a business
  • Apply analytical skills, relevant theory and logical thought to decision making processes within a business.

Career Options in Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)

  • General Management
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Business Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Economic Consulting
  • Business Strategy Planning